Get Involved

Embark is a group for young adults & single folks to learn how to strengthen  their relationship with Jesus Christ.
To also learn how to enjoy your singleness or relationship with one another.

Meeting Every 4th Friday - 7:30pm

At the Ark, we emphasize the importance of imparting God's message to the men of our church.
This is done with the goal of fostering future leaders who are deeply rooted in their faith
and capable of spreading the word of God.

Meeting Day: Every TUESDAY - 7:30pm

We are a Holy Ghost filled loving, diverse group of women that challenge one another to consistently grow in Christ. 
We equip women with the tools needed to be powerful, anointed, wives, moms, sisters & servants always aligned with the word of God. 
We build bridges between generations to make a lasting impact on the next generation and leave a legacy worth imitating.

Meeting Day: Every 1st Friday - 7:30pm

Spark Youth is a ministry enriching young developing minds and souls by promoting Scripture along with life lessons to help mold a closer relationship with
Christ and to become respectful citizens in their community. We firmly believe in Proverbs 22:6 and make it our aim to create an engaging and safe
atmosphere where growing children can begin to embark on the journey to finding themselves in Jesus.

Meeting Every Friday - 7:30pm